As a chess journalist I interview famous chess players and write articles for chess websites. I work regularly for sites like ChessBase, the blog on and many others. I also translate texts and articles on request.

Blitz, the Chess Manga from Monaco

A screenshot from the interview with the author of Blitz Cédric Biscay for Chessbase.

Interview with Cédric Biscay – author of Blitz, the booming chess manga “In an exclusive interview with Tatiana Flores, Monegasque manga author and businessman Cédric Biscay talks about his passion for chess and his ambition to share it with the…

New Chess Projects In Pictures

A screenshot of the Women's Chess Guide Facebook page.

I’m happy to introduce to you the new chess projects I’ve been working on since 2022. These are projects that matter a lot to me as they do not only intent to promote chess, but most important of all, they…

Interview with WGM Jennifer Shahade

A screenshot of the interview with Jennifer Shahade. On the picture below the introduction we see Jennifer Shahade with red hair, sitting behind a chess board wearing a black blouse.

Interview with Jennifer Shahade “Jennifer Shahade, two-time US Chess Champion, poker player and commentator is an activist for the role of women in chess and has published several books. Her most recent one is “Chess Queens”. Tatiana Flores spoke with…