“Chess Queens” by Jennifer Shahade – A review

“Two-time US Women’s Champion Jennifer Shahade has often championed women’s chess in the past. After “Chess Bitch” she has now published another book on women’s chess, “Chess Queens”. Tatiana Flores has taken a look at it.

The history of the world’s best women chess players has often been ignored or considered secondary. WGM Jennifer Shahade, two-time U.S. Women’s Chess Champion, poker pro and author, has decided to change that by presenting in-depth profiles of the women who have dedicated their lives and careers to chess, despite the shocking sexism they’ve had to fight with every single move they’ve made.

The cover of Chess Queens shines in deep charcoal black and garish pumpkin orange – inside the book are remarkable stories of the best women players in history – from the first Women World Champion Vera Menchik and her opponents to the women who break the 2600-Elo barrier today.

These stories are interwoven with Jennifer Shahade’s own chess career and her experiences as a professional player. This makes the book an inspiring work that reminds us of the unequal and misogynistic treatment of women in the chess world.” Read my full review of “Chess Queens” here. Enjoy!

A screenshot of the review of Chess queens by Jennifer Shahade. Under the introduction we see a picture of the book lying on some colorful chessboards.A screenshot of the last sentences of the review from Chess Queens. At the end of the review we see a picture of the author, Jennifer Shahade, signing some exemplaires of her book next to her young son.


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